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When looking for a helper or helper, nothing is more important than trust, trust, safety and quality.

That's why Ejana does everything to let the helpers and helpers enjoy the platform carefree and Ejana team does their utmost to keep it that way Here is an overview of the most important steps Ejana takes and what measures you can take:

Identiteitsbewijs check

All helpers have id verification. This way you know who comes to you as a customer. Our helpers will not get on our platform until they have been screened and id-proofed. How ID authentication works

Reviews and References

Read more about helpers by reading what other helpers have written and experienced about the helpers This way you can judge for yourself and as a requester you always make the right choice, a choice that suits you best.

Secure Payments

We use a secure payment system that never shares your bank details with others.
Paying via Ejana is cashless, convenient and keeps your details safe.

Safe handling of your personal data

Ejana has drawn up a privacy policy and
terms and conditions that we expect all
members to follow. All members
agree to the
terms and conditions when they register on the platform. You can read how
we handle the security of your personal data in our privacy statement


Take advantage of our secure messaging system When there is a match between customer and helper, contact can be made easily and securely, we check all advertisements before they become visible on the Ejana platform. We remind anyone who does not respond to a message. First by e-mail, then by phone. These notifications cannot be turned

Profile notifications

Through abuse reports, we ensure that people who do not belong on the Ejana are immediately removed and do not return to it.
You can read here what rules we apply for this. In addition, we also get a notification if someone uses certain words that
we associate with things that do not belong on the Ejana.


helpers and customers must verify their profile with their email address and verify phone number to see what information they have verified on the user profile. We make helpers and helpers that are no longer logged in invisible.

Home services scheme

All helpers work through the Home Services Scheme. When booking, a service agreement is concluded between the customer and the helper. This way everything is immediately on paper and you know that everything is arranged legally.

customer service

We think it is important that we are ready for you.
For questions or comments. Feel free to
contact us.

What can you do yourself to make every contact successful:

We take the security of your data extremely seriously. We would also like to make you aware that you can also contribute to the safe use of EJana

Communicate via Ejana

Use our messaging system and email with each other in the safe environment until you feel really good and then give your private data to each other. That makes you feel safe.

Plan your bookings via Ejana

Use bookings to get a clear overview of upcoming and previous bookings, as well as agreed rates and details. And Keep your ad up to date, and update your availability in a timely manner. This prevents ambiguities and irritations. This applies to both helpers and helpers. If you are provided, set your ad to invisible.

Pay road Ejana

Paying via Ejana is simple, safe and highly recommended. We use a cashless payment system that never shares your information with others.

Keep personal information secret

Never share personal ID documents, your address, email, phone number, or financial information. Keep your password to yourself To prevent any misuse, we recommend that you do not write down your password and/or share it with others. Sign out if you're running on a public computer


Do you think that another user is nothonest, trustworthy or do you have a complaint about that user, meld suspect or complaint about those users We encourage users to report others and we respond quickly to notifications.


Have an introductory meeting prior to the first appointment. This can be done by telephone, image or in person. This way you get to know each other even better!

Check references

As a helper: Check the reviews that are included with the ad, so you get a good picture of the person. If there are no reviews yet ask for references check to Ejana. As helper: ask all your employers to write a review! This greatly destroyed your reliability! As a helper, it is also not at all crazy to contact other helpers who are already working there,orhelpers who have worked there before. It always makes sense to hear how certain things go and what to take into account.

Use the agreement form

Use the agreementform Make clear agreements with each other about the rates for which actions. Also discuss here when something work, and therefore paid, and when it is an introduction, or onboarding day and possibly not paid. Always consult and sign an agreement before you start working. This will come up when you have made a booking. Clearly include in the agreement what happens if the caregiver becomes ill, but also if the applicant is admitted, for example. Also discuss what the notice period is from both sides, and stick to it. So you break up in good agreement, or something else happens and you prefer to get rid of each other immediately; If you make good agreements about the notice period, that is at least clear.
Intake form
These kinds of rules are never that fun to discuss and you probably don't need everything. But if you have to, you're glad you're on paper. In addition, both the applicant and theapplicantapply, you are in a professional relationship with each other and professional agreements are part of that.