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Regulation of services to huisAs a private individual, you can easily hire a helper for services in and around the house through the'home services' scheme.


You can easily hire a hgelpers for services in and around the house. Ejana will take care of the administration for you.

The work is carried out 'white'.

You do not have to pay payroll tax and employee insurance contributions.

Conditions for the provision of home services

The helper receives at least the minimum wage.

The helper may work for you up to three days a week.

The helper is entitled to a maximum of six weeks of payment in case of illness. Short absence is included in the all-in hourly wage.

The helper is entitled to paid leave:the holiday pay, holidays and short absence are included in the hourly wage at Ejana.

The helper must report his or her earnings to the tax authorities. Ejana will send the service provider an annual overview at the end of the year.

Working through the home services scheme

If you work through the home services scheme, you work 'white', directly for the customer. You are entitled to payment in case of illness and there are clear conditions. If you wish, you can voluntarily insure yourself at the UWV. For more information about the home services scheme, please visit the website of the Dutch government.

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