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Despite the coronavirus, the service can continue via Ejana. We keep a close eye on the official reports about the coronavirus. We follow the guidelines of the RIVM and GGD and ask customers and candidates to take their responsibility to keep the children and each other healthy. This way, our candidates can remain available in a responsible way. If the customer or candidate has corona-related complaints, of course no work will be done. Always discuss with each other before the appointment whether work can be done.

Do you have a question or comment about our policy? Our Team is available 24/7 for questions or comments via WhatsApp, telephone or email.

Keep enough distance

Always ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. For example, alternate the rooms where you are present: one person upstairs and the other downstairs, for example. There are also always chores that you can do outside as a candidate, think of window chasms, for example. The customer can also take the opportunity and go for a break!

Wash hands regularly

We advise the helpers to wash their hands thoroughlyimmediately upon entering, for20 seconds. If desired, you can work with gloves on. The customer takes care of the necessary disinfectants.

Extra protection

In addition to working with gloves, it is wise to wear a face mask during the work.

Not working for corona-related complaints

If the customer or helper has corona-related complaints(coughing, sneezing, sore throat, fever, etc.), then no work is done. The same applies when one or more family members of the customer are sitting at home with complaints or when someone has a fever in the helper's household.

Get tested as soon as possible for cold complaints and/ or fever.

Discuss with each other whether work can be done

Always discuss before the start of the appointment whether it is wise to go to work. Can't the candidate come because he/she has corona-related complaints and/ or someone from the family has a fever? Then the customer can book a replacement candidatevia the Ejana portal.

Consider payment

As soon as it is not possible to work due to corona-related complaints, the candidate will miss out on revenue. As a customer, you can consider not cancelling the appointments via the portal. These are then simply invoiced, so that the candidate still gets paid. That's how you help the candidate!