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The right help at the righttime,that's what Ejana takes care of!

Ejana is an online platform, intended to help people seeking help and helpersfindeach other and make agreements together, so that it is well arranged for both parties. At Ejana you can search for helpersor helpers who meet your needs and then get in touch easily and quickly. As a helper and helper, you can create a free profile at Ejana in which you indicate that you are looking for help or job in babysitter, childminder, homework supervisor, animal sitter or domestic and garden help. You can indicate the desired location or radius and at what times you are looking or available.

In this way, Ejana meets the need of both parties to easily and clearly find the right job or help.

Benefits Ejana

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Ejana works together with childminder agency Kids2bie. Kids2bie is a respected and well-known childminder agency.

Are you looking for an official childminder care at a childminder's home? With the childminder the groups of up to 6 children. This gives children more rest and less stimuli. As a result, they are more relaxed and come home rested. It is a small shelter in a homely atmosphere. Or are you looking for an official Nanny at your home in a familiar environment with a fixed face

Our working area: All of the Netherlands

Find simple help questions and relaible helpers in all the Netherland, the team ensures improvement and growth everyday